How to create free custom ringtones for your iPhone (PC)

This illustrated guide shows how to create free ringtones for your iPhone using iTunes on your PC (or indeed Mac)

If you have a PC or are a Mac owner without access to a recent version of GarageBand it is still possible to make custom ringtones for your iPhone - although the process is slightly more convoluted.

To make a custom ringtone for your iPhone you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Open up the iTunes application and find the song you want to be the source of your ringtone. Note: You cannot use a DRM-protected file bought from the iTunes store
  2. Play through the song and identify the section you want to be the ringtone. It has to be under 40 seconds in length
  3. Note down the start and stop times of the clip
  4. Right click on the track and select Get Info
  5. Click on Options
  6. Enter the start time of the clip in the field marked 'Start Time'. Use the following minutes:seconds format - eg 1:45
  7. Enter the stop time of the clip in the field marked 'Stop Time'. Then click OK
  8. Right click on the track and select Convert Selection to AAC. iTunes will create a duplicate version of your selected clip
  9. Drag the duplicated clip to the desktop and replace the .m4a suffix on the file with .m4r (You can do this by clicking slowly on the file name pr right clicking and selecting Rename (PC) or Get Info (Mac). You will be prompted whether you want to use the new extension - confirm that you do
  10. Double click on the renamed file. It will automatically be placed in the Ringtones folder of your iTunes Music Library. Connect your iPhone to the PC and sync it to copy across the ringtone
  11. On your iPhone click on the Settings icon
  12. In the settings screen click on Sounds
  13. In the Sounds screen click on Ringtone
  14. Your new ringtone will appear beneath the subhead Custom. Click on the ringtone to make it active


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