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How to use Street View with Google Maps on iPhone

This quick guide shows you how to use the new 360-degree Street View mode in the latest version of the iPhone's Google Maps application

The iPhone 2.2 and 3.0 updates have added the amazing 360 degree Street View functionality to the iPhone's Maps application that comes bundled with the iPhone.

However the feature is not the easiest one to find and use.

To get the most out of it, do the following:

  1. Open the Maps application
  2. Navigate to the location you want to view in Street View mode In this instance we've used the current location icon - the semi-crosshair at the bottom right of the screen - to highlight our current location
  3. Now click on the red and white figure to the left of the location info
  4. The Google Street View mode will now boot up. (Note: this always defaults to the landscape view on the iPhone)
  5. Simply drag your fingers across the image to rotate the view. Use the standard pinch movement to zoom in and out of the photograph
  6. The mini-map in the circle at the bottom right of the screen shows you the direction of your point of view
  7. To move along in street view rotate the image until you see an arrow superimposed on the street and then click on it to move in that direction
  8. To exit Street View mode just click on the mini-map circle to resturn to the standard map view



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iPhone Street View The latest version of Google Maps on the iPhone has introduced the amazing Street View functionality
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