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How to: Install Android 2.1 on your HTC Hero

Richard Goodwin

... although, we must warn you, this is a hack, so don’t blame us if it turns your Hero into an expensive paper weight.

We outline how to manually install Android 2.1 on your HTC Hero.

Owners of the HTC Hero have been waiting for the Android 2.1 update for what seems like an eternity. However, brave users’ and those comfortable playing around with code and the like can now install a ROM Hack of Android 2.1 on their HTC Hero handsets - although, we must warn you, this is a hack, so don’t blame us if it turns your Hero into an expensive paper weight.

This install is based on the latest community release (1.8) of Android 2.1, which is more stable and significantly faster than previous offerings.

The installation will, unfortunately, require a complete wipe of the device. However, once you have installed the Android 2.1 OS you can still retain your current ROM so you’ll be able to revert back if things get a little hairy.

Installing Android 2.1 on HTC Hero

Before you get started:

1. We used an unlocked HTC Hero running on a MoDaCo 2.8 ROM and rooted and installed a new recovery image using this tutorial.

2. You must create a Nandroid backup of your phone before proceeding. Doing so will allow you to revert back to your old ROM if anything goes wrong.

3. Make sure you back up all your phones details - apps, contacts, SMSs etc.

4. This tutorial is ONLY for GSM HTC Hero.

Getting the Android 2.1 ROM on your device

1. Download Hero21 Community Signed v1.8 ROM from here.

2. Rename the ROM you just downloaded as

3. Now plug in your Hero to the computer and from the notifications, mount the SD card.

4. Copy the ROM file ( to your SD card. DON’T copy it into any folder.

5. Unplug the phone and turn it off.

6. Now turn on the phone into Recovery Mode by holding down Home and Power buttons to turn it on. Keep holding them until you see some text written in green.

7. In the Recovery Mode, select “Wipe” and then select Wipe data partition.

8. Once the wipe is completed, go to “Flash update image” and select Apply

9. Confirm the installation and then sit back and watch while the ROM is being installed/loaded.

10. When completed, reboot the phone. Your new ROM should be up and running now!

Good luck and Godspeed!

Source: SizzledCore



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Re: How to: Install Android 2.1 on your HTC Hero
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Re: How to: Install Android 2.1 on your HTC Hero
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Re: How to: Install Android 2.1 on your HTC Hero
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Re: How to: Install Android 2.1 on your HTC Hero
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Get Android 2.1 on your HTC Hero

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